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The ChallengeEdit

On this, the 22nd day of February, 2010, I, Theresa Wendland, Scholar of the Chicago Swordplay Guild, give challenge to my sister in arms, Jessica Finley, Head Instructor of the Great Plains Fechtschule, to face me in honourable combat with the longsword, to be fought publicly upon the field at Chivalric Weekend, in Sandy Creek, New York, July 2010.

I suggest that this bought shall be fought with steel blunts and that we shall attire ourselves in gambesons, steel masks, steel gauntlets, gorgets, and elbow protection.

I propose that we fight until one combatant has achieved 10 clean blows against the other, with “first blood” counting for two, and doubles do not count.

I eagerly await your answer, and any amendments to my terms that you might offer.

With deepest respect and hounour,

Theresa Wendland

PS: Let’s show these boys how it is done

The ResponseEdit

To all and specifically to Theresa:

I humbly and enthusiastically accept your challenge of arms.

Your terms are accepted; namely, that we shall fight 10 passes, each pass being considered finished at a marked strike, the first strike counting as double and simultaneous hits being not counted.

I also agree to fight as you have proposed, with blunt steel longswords, and the appropriate safety gear outlined in your challenge. An Arms and Armor Fechterspiel will be my weapon that day, due to my familiarity with it and it's proven safety in other bouts.

I propose, that as challenger, you should find an impartial marshal for the bout, though honor alone should suffice as we will mark our own blows and those made against us.

I will arrange with the host of the event, Todd Sullivan, to have a field prepared for us on Friday, July 10, after the main classes are complete.

If these terms are acceptable to you, may we find each other well on that day and grace the field with as much Art as we can muster.

With respect,
Jessica Finley Free Scholar, Great Plains Fechtschule