The Challenge Edit

Mr Scott Brown of Houston, USA, is challenged by Axel Pettersson of GHFS, Sweden to fight at Swordfish this year, weapons and rules to be decided.

Oh yes, the reason for the challenge: Scott you have a pony tail while I have almost no hair at all. That is unfair and the socialist in me demands justice.

The Rules Edit

Proposed weapons and equipment: nylon longsword wasters, fencing mask, gloves, throat protection, other protective gear optional.

Rules: first to a number of incapacitating hits wins. Stop after each good hit.

The Acceptance Edit


My gorgeous locks have often incited jealousy and envy. I'm not the least bit surprised to have to defend the honour of all properly warm-eared men from the pre-balding fanatics of the world.

Or, as we say in my country..........

IT'S ON...


The Negotiation Edit

I fully accept the conditions of a full body target area and the notion of 3 good hits or takedowns to the winner.

The Result Edit

Axel wins 3-1 thumb|500px|left

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