These are important!

This isn’t Fight Club, UFC or Bloodsport, it is for those who have an honest desire to test their martial skill. If you want to brawl go down your local Yates’. The rules are simple.

  • The challenge shall be friendly, honourable and safe.
  • The challenge shall have have pre-agreed rules, understood and accepted by all participants.
  • The challenge shall use pre-agreed weapons and protective equipment.
  • The challenge shall happen at a pre-agreed place and time.
  • The challenge shall be publicly announced, either here, or copied to here and the results likewise notified.

Adding a Fighter Edit

To add a fighter to the wiki, just create a page using the fighter's full real name as the title. For example:

Magnus Hagelberg

Make sure to put the page in the Fighters category. From then on, information about the fighter can be added to that page, and challenge pages can link directly to any relevant fighter pages, whether participants, judges, or just innocent bystanders.

Adding a Challenge Edit

To add a challenge to the wiki, just create a page with a title following this format:

Fighter A vs. Fighter B

Fighter A should be the challenger, and Fighter B the challenged. If Fighter A challenges Fighter B a second time, the page should be titled:

Fighter A vs. Fighter B II

Make sure to put the page in both the Challenges and the Pending Challenges categories. From then on, information about the challenge can be added to that page.

There is a template available to help maintain uniformity - this can be seen at Template:Challenge. It can be found in the Wiki Templates dropdown box. You do not need to complete all the boxes. At first, you will only have the initial challenge and the rules prepared.

After the Challenge is Fought Edit

Once the challenge has been fought, the challenge page should be removed from the Pending Challenges category and added to the Completed Challenges category. Any photos or video of the challenge should be added to the challenge page, along with a description of the fight.

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