16 October 2008 Warzecha, Roland Hammaborg Schmidt, Herbert Ars Gladii Sword and Buckler

The Challenge Edit

Sehr geehrter Herr Schmidt, es wäre mir eine Ehre, wenn sie meine Herausforderung zu einem freundschaftlichen Duell über fünf Gänge mit Schwert & Buckler annehmen würden. Ich schlage als geeigneten Rahmen und Ort das Dreynevent im Februar in Wien vor. Alles nähere bezüglich der zu benutzenden Bewaffnung und der Regeln schlage ich vor, fernmündlich zu klären. Hochachtungsvoll, Roland Warzecha

  • In the above written Roland Warzecha from Hammaborg challenges Herbert Schmidt from Ars Gladii to a duel of five bouts with sword & buckler. Suggested date and location is the Dreynevent in Vienna in February. Rules and equipment will be agreed upon.

The Acceptance Edit

Viel geschätzter Herr Warzecha, Mit Freude und Ehrerbietung nehme ich Ihre geschätzte Herausforderung an. Ich stimme dem Ort und der Zeit vorbehaltlos zu. Die restlichen Regeln besprechen wir, wie Sie vorgeschlagen haben. Ich hoffe, Ihnen gerecht werden zu können und verbleibe mit Hochachtung, Herbert Schmidt Ars Gladii

  • In the above statement Herbert Schmidt of Ars Gladii accepts the challange and the time and location. Rules will be agreed upon.


  • Herbert and I met at Vienna last weekend. Unfortunately the match had to be post-poned as Mr. Schmidt had not completely recovered from illness. Of course I refused to hit a sick man and eagerly await my chance to fight Herbert when he is in top condition. Though when I will have the pleasure, I don't know. Regards, Roland
  • I would like to thank Roland for his consideration. I was also really looking forward to this duel. A few test bouts with other people showed me quite clearly that I didn't have the stamina nor the concentration for a decent performance. So this duel is postponed but by no means cancelled. I am too looking forward to it. Herbert
  • So I am hoping to finally meet you well prepared and ready to fight at the Dreynfechtival in Vienna in February 2010. If you have no objections the fight shall take place on Friday afternoon at 5 pm. All the best, Roland
  •  will be prepared and ready at this date and time - if my schedule permits me to be in vienna on friday afternoon. Otherwise I will be ready for the fight on saturday. I am looking forward to it and hope I can put up a bit of a fight to make it interesting. Herbert

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