The Challenge Edit

I, Roland Warzecha of Hammaborg, hereby challenge the worthy gentleman and conaisseur of port wine and traditions of many a kind, Mr Claus Sørensen of the Laurentiusgildet to a duel of longsword versus sword and buckler. If you, Sir, would except - which I do not doubt for a second - I suggest that we shall finally teach each other a lesson with our preferred weapons at Swordfish in Göteberg this year.

Hochachtungsvoll, Roland Warzecha

The Acceptance Edit

Of course I accept my friend. But only if we share lots of port afterwards Let us decide the details when we get there. Perhaps discuss them thursday evening while enjoying a few traditions

The Result Edit

Congrats to Mr Sørensen for winning this match.

5 rounds were fought, sole rules: 1. Consider yourself unarmoured and the blades sharp. 2. Acknowledge hits like a gentleman.

Result: two draws (double hits), two won by Claus, one by Roland.

Roland's Comments Was fun, was accurate, liked it.

Claus had decided to NOT have it on Saturday in combination with the tournament. That was a wise decision as he was one of the judges there and had to set his mind on this duty completely. So instead we had our match on Friday. It was filmed from two angles,

thumb|500px|left thumb|500px|left

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