The Challenge Edit

Plum issues a challenge: Is anybody bringing a camera to Edinburgh ? Someneeds to film Neils humiliating defeat at my hands after possibly calling me a poof. We haven't decided on a referee or rules & tools. Anyone care to officiate? I'll let you choose rules & tools Neil. But let me know asap, so I know what to pack.

The Acceptance and Rules Edit

Cardy Steel longswords. As for referees, perhaps someone from the DDS would like to officiate? Rules, I don't know, how about the ones for the longsword tournament?

Plum Ok, Sounds good. I'm on the train as we speak (free wifi). I have my steel longsword with me.

The Result Edit

We used the rules for the lonsword competition held at the event. And were refereed by Phil the Grips. Neil won 10 - 8

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